Decarbonising the events industry, together. At RX, we’re serious about sustainability. We are founding members of the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge to make our company, our events and the wider events industry net zero. We commit to being net zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In 2023 we will publish our pathway to net zero, setting out our reduction strategy with key milestones for all our events. Given the complex nature of our supply chain and the emissions associated with a show, it is only by working together as an industry that we will be able to reduce our impact. We are building a company of net zero heroes to take action and ensure a sustainable future.

It’s only by working together as a industry that we will achieve our goals. 

Rx Italy and Viscom Italia are committed to promoting technologies, applications, products, solutions and communication models that combine production ethics, respect for the environment, diversity and quality of life for everyone. The goal is to showcase the excellences of the sector, to build a better future and enhance "ethically-minded" models, with the 17 goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda (Goals for Sustainable Development) as the guiding reference point.

RX Italy obtained the ISO 20121:2013 certification – sustainable event management system with the certifying body ICIM Spa and accreditation by Accredia. Getting certified not only represents RX Iyaly's commitment to sustainability, but also the desire to become a ‘sustainable’ driving force for the entire supply chain, from exhibitors to visitors and partners

Viscom Italia: an ISO 20121:2013 certified event

For Viscom Italia sustainability always come first. To protect this important objective, the event is designed and provided according to ISO 20121:2013 sustainable organization of trade fairs certification.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Several initiatives at Viscom Italia underline the importance of sustainability, which goes through the transformation of the event according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by the United Nations Organisation as the winning strategy "to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all", signed in September 2015 by the 193 UN member countries' governments.

SDG2 – Zero hunger

The 'Together Against Hunger' project in support of Banco Alimentare della Lombardia provides that during the days of the event, for every top seller product in the various sales outlets, 1 euro will be donated, which will enable the Association to distribute 18 equivalent meals (1 meal corresponds to 500 g of food) to needy people and families through local charitable organisations. In 2022, 18.288 meals have been donated.

SDG4 – Quality Education

It is in the DNA of Viscom Italia to offer exhibitors and visitors training on the most advanced technologies and solutions at the show. The rich program of events will offer a view into how sustainability relates to the graphics, design, fashion, packaging, architecture, retail, personalization and refinement markets.

SDG8 - Decent work and economic growth

The Green Diva Award is presented for the best design displays in the retail sector. Thanks to the patronage of Comieco, two prizes are awarded to display solutions that have stood out for their sustainable design and environmental impact.

The Elementaria exhibition aims at catalyzing the market's attention towards companies producing raw materials of polymeric, metallic, wooden and paper origin which culminate in an exhibition of prototypes of exhibition design. The prototypes presented at the fair are made taking into consideration the materials’ recyclability and eco-sustainability.

SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production

All packaging and tableware products for the catering and restaurant industry have been converted to biodegradable products, whereas plastic bottles are recycled by the Coripet consortium. Water dispensers to fill up one’s water bottle will be located in the pavilions with a view to reducing the production of plastic waste from purchased bottles.

All material used for the set-ups will also be reusable or recyclable, with graphics printed on recyclable material. As far as lighting is concerned, all lights have been converted to energy-saving LED lights. 

SDG13 – Climate Action

During the event, car-rental of electric vehicles with charging stations will be available.
Thanks to a special partnership with Trenitalia, Italy's largest train operator, visitors and exhibitors can travel to the stations of Milano and Rho Fiera with an 80% discount on the standard rate.

SGD17 – Partnerships for sustainable development goals

The head office, RX, carefully monitored the development of partnerships with all stakeholders, committees, and publishers to outline the best solutions, defining the guidelines to be followed for the maximum dissemination of knowledge of the SDGs to every Viscom Italia stakeholder.

The good habits

Achieving concrete and lasting results in terms of sustainability is only possible thanks to everyone's contribution. This is why we invite visitors and exhibitors who participate in our events to join our effort to protect the environment, making responsible choices and adopting ethical habits.

Travel using collective means of transport, such as the train and the underground (red line M1 – Rho-Fiera stop).

Stay at hotels that show a real commitment to the environment. Among the hotels recommended in collaboration with MiCodmc for Viscom Italia, those deemed more sustainable are marked with the eco-friendly label.

Do not print the entrance ticket but save the digital version directly on your smartphone.

Respect the differentiated waste collection by using the special bins present in the aisles and in the catering areas of the pavilions.

Avoid using plastic bottles: bring a water bottle and fill it up at the water dispensers located in the pavilions.

When creating your stand, limit the use of non-reusable materials destined for disposal, prefer high energy efficiency and low-consumption lighting (e.g. LED) and reusable or recyclable set-up elements and furnishings.

Logistics and transport
Where possible, select suppliers and materials based on the procurement distance and the type of means used for transport.

Travel and accommodation
Travel using collective means of transport, such as the train and the underground (M1 red line – Rho-Fiera stop).
Stay at hotels that show a real commitment to the environment. Among the hotels recommended in collaboration with MiCodmc for Viscom Italia, those deemed more sustainable are marked with the eco-friendly label.

Limit the use of plastic and single-serve packaging as much as possible and choose instead reusable crockery and cutlery, compostable or biodegradable packaging, napkins, containers, etc. Choose local, seasonal food and offer some vegetarian and/or vegan alternatives.

Waste management and disposal
Do not abandon waste. During set-up and dismantling, special waste - cardboard packaging or mixed materials, wood scraps, panels, cellophane, paint or plaster containers, strips of carpet - must be removed from the Exhibition Center by contracting a company authorized to perform this service, registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers. Click here to view the complete list.

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