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The programme

Thursday 10th October

Hours 11.00-12.00

Stock photography then and now. On the dramatic change in stock photography aesthetics over the past 10 years.

The images we use everyday have the power to transform a website, a blog, social media, and whole businesses. Content curation is not easy, but knowing the trends of the stock photography market is more important than ever if you want to reach your audience. Some prevalent cliches in stock photography are long outdated, and a new aesthetic is forming on the market. Be in the know to transform your visual communication.

Speakers: Sandra Iakovleva, Creative Editor, Depositphotos; Davide Esposito, Photographer
Sandra Iakovleva's speech will be in English


Hours 12.15-13.15

To say, make, and design. Digitally. New tools and new approaches to transform an idea into a product.

Hands and mind are constantly connected. Each time we invent new products and consumer goods, something in our way of thinking dramatically changes. How is the design world changing in this 21st century rich in new digital tools? Which are the relations between visual communication and technology? A meeting in which it is discussed how the designer (the person who designs) and the maker (the person who produces) are merging into one hybrid figure going back to laboratories and workshops to create new creativity and innovative business models.

Speaker: Massimo Temporelli, TheFabLab


Hours 14.00-16.00

City attractions in pencil, between reality and imagination.

To describe a place, a city… There are different ways to do it: from the more focused ones (its monuments and masterpieces) to the more indirect ones (is it possible to describe a city with a colour, or without drawing anything related to it?), and to describe a place without ever been there, as it happens daily to any illustrator. What does it happen to the same place in the hands of distinct illustrators? Which results do we get and how visually different are they?

Speakers: Francesco Poroli, Associazione Illustri; Marcella Gabbiani, Premio Dedalo Minosse


Hours 16.15-17.15

A Sparkling Visual Communication. The versatility of crystal for interior design and visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising and interior design are constantly evolving worlds. We will discover the future trends of these markets and see how the light of crystal has inspired artists, designers and internationally renowned architects. We will observe real cases of fittings and applications in different contexts from window displays to spaces inside stores, event installations, yachting and supply, highlighting from time to time the contribution of crystal as an ingredient able to amplify the customer’s perceptions in the visual communication experience.

Speaker: Maurizio Bosacchi, Design Support Manager, Swarovski


Friday 11th October

Hours 10.15-11.00

A new sustainability in fabrics textile preparation.

Over the last ten years, the textile industry has experienced a technology revolution with the adoption of digital printing processes. These processes retain a high critical aspect represented by the high levels of urea use, which ends up in waste water. Studies on the subject conducted over the last five years allowed Innovhub SSI to identify some technologies of interest based on the conveyance processes by foaming. The results of this activity, which is the subject of a patent, are the basis of the Digital Foam project, whose goal has been that of developing an innovative foaming process and plant to prepare and finish heterogeneous textile substrates.

Speakers: Silvio Faragò, Innovhub SSI; Gianluca Brenna, Stamperia di Lipomo


Hours 11.00-12.00

Instagram and visual communication: an entirely different story. How to push the value of your brand and grow your business.

Over 1 billion active monthly users, 500 million accounts using Stories daily and more than 25 million companies registered globally. Instagram is the freshest and dynamic social media at the moment, and every professional can reach success through it. Thanks to Stories, visual communication becomes interactive and instant other than of high quality thanks to posts on the Feed. Is it possible to do business with Instagram in the visual communication sector? Are there any success stories showing the excellent interaction between digital printing and Instagram? During the seminar, strategic guidelines and operational tips in order to reach success through this indispensable channel will be provided.

Speaker: Laura Nacci, Social Media Researcher


Hours 12.15-13.15

The new role of the entrepreneur in the communication sector. When expertise is not enough: people, processes and marketing to grow your business in a market that is evolving.

Nowadays, in order to sell your products or communication services you have to evolve, to be competent is not enough anymore. If you want to grow, free valuable time and to have always-available resources, you have to become an entrepreneur who controls numbers, creates processes, and selects and guides a motivated and capable team. During the seminar, we will talk about managing people, processes and marketing, everything that allows you to become a successful enterprise. As a small bonus we will talk about NoAlPreventivo, the process that makes you get out of the trap of the generation of quotes and that turns you in a consultant for your client, giving you the chance to acquire more profitable customers more efficiently.

Speaker: Stefano Ferranti, Strategie per Agenzie


Hours 14.00-15.00

Visual communication meets industry: the latest trends of printed eco-friendly leather. How to conquer niche markets with several successful applications?

In recent years, people have been talking about contamination and meeting of values between the visual communication field and other fields such as interior decoration and the industrial sector. The same technology with different kinds of customized applications can embrace different market niches, helping companies moving away from the pure logic of price per printed square metre in order to reach a valuable approach perceived on the final application in the destination sector. This is the case of eco-friendly leather that allows applications in multiple sectors such as furniture, fashion accessories, photo books, promotional, transports (including naval). In this seminar, through market trends, success stories, but also technical-practical guidance on application materials and inks, you will be able to discover how to do business with printed eco-friendly leather.

Speaker: Mario Di Matteo, Ecotex
Chairman: Andrea Boaretto, Personalive


Hours 15.15-16.15

Exhibit design and POS displays more and more sustainable. Processes and technologies to design displays for branding and retailing.

Circular economy and design for recycling define design modalities, processes and technologies for the production of exhibition solutions for branding and retailing communication. Field experts illustrate the best practice and new business models developed in the interaction with the client. Brand industry and retail align with those customers’ needs demanding more and more eco-friendly products.

Speakers: Eliana Farotto, Comieco; Gianluca Castellini, Smurfit Kappa; Andrea Tempesta, Eurodisplay Design in Progress; Deborah Panepinto, Politecnico di Torino
Chairman: Marco Oltrona Visconti, Display Italia


Saturday 12th October

Hours 11.00-12.00

Thoughts, Words, Actions and Connections. Community stories of a company that is based on human relations.

Even small companies can create advantages from different types of communities. At the same time, there is often confusion between a Facebook or WhatsApp group and a real community with rituals, roles and meetings. During this seminar, through testimonies and success stories, you will discover the advantages of being part of a community as an individual and, above all, the opportunities for companies of all sizes to get some leverage on the community for their own strategies, marketing, commercial and research and development actions. The network that gets help looking out for you.

Speaker: Giovanni Re, Roland DG Mid Europe
Testimonials: Miriam Negroni, Brico Center; Patrizia Anna Coccia, I Pirati Grafici


Hours 12.15-13.15

When the T-Shirt becomes a successful brand. Case history to build a brand capable to becoming a fashion must!

The t-shirt market keeps being a growing communication medium, both at an Italian and international level, to transmit lifestyles and trends, brands and creative products. How is it possible to create a successful brand starting from a t-shirt? Which strategic and operational measures are needed? How to choose the appropriate printing technologies in a context in which we are witnessing the coming back of a new screen-printing? Innovative guidelines and case histories will reveal the secrets to build a brand capable of becoming a must in the fashion world!

Speaker: Fabrizio Selis, Market Screentypographic


Hours 14.00-15.00

A 60 minutes journey, from paper to augmented reality.

In a world in which creativity travels at supersonic speeds, it is crucial to know the most innovative and powerful tools to realise their own ideas starting from paper and getting to augmented reality. During this meeting, we will be able to see and touch each potential in a journey that will leave you out of breath.

Speaker: Michela Di Stefano, AdobeGuru


Hours 15.15-16.15

The outdoor advertising market, between opportunities and restrictions.

Speakers: Carla Tomasi, FINCO; Marco Granelli, Comune di Milano; Alfio Bonaventura, AIFIL; Paolo Buono, AICAP; Franco Meroni, ANACS; On. Giuseppe Cesare Donina, LEGA; On. Paola De Micheli, PD; Ing. Angelo Valsecchi, CNI
Chairman: Angelo Artale, FINCO


The sessions will be held in Italian only