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The winners of DIVA 2019

DURABLE display solutions

1° Prize - Flyvision

The display creates an optical effect of suspension. Receives the award for elegance and consistency with the product on display.


Prize - Wood Line

The display has a very fine and careful wood finish. Wins the second prize for the effect that the wood creates and for its versatility.


Prize - Creative-Redbox

Equipped with a product pushing from the bottom, it receives the third prize for its small size and maximum yield.


NON DURABLE display solutions

Prize - Large Format

The first non durable classified is presented as a configurator of the Renault Twizy. The solution is versatile and appealing. It also wins the award of the Audience.


Prize - Trocart

In this display, the sponsored product becomes an integral part of the project, creating multiple storytelling that guide the consumer. The project also wins the special DIVA DESIGN award.


Prize - Creative-Redbox

It wins for its functionality and innovation. the display is in fact a refrigerator made up mostly of paper converting.


DIGITAL SIGNAGE display solutions

Prize - Best Project

The display wins for its functionality: it is a technological anti-theft that measures the interactions obtained with the public.


SHOP FITTING display solutions

Prize - Adaptive

The display wins the special prize for its adaptability and attention to the environment: the graphics can be interchanged while the structure can be reused.



Prize - Creative-Redbox

Vince for its enormous versatility. The shelving, in fact, weighs the assortment to avoid product breakage.



Prize - Eurodisplay Design In Progress

The display has a design strongly oriented to recycling, with completely recyclable materials.



Prize - Litoart

The display creates a strong visibility but at the same time optimizes its logistics: it is in fact possible to fold it and store it in a small case, reducing the environmental impact on the project transport.