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DIVA - Display Italia Viscom Award


P.O.P. talent

DIVA - Display Italia Viscom Award, is the international industrial design competition dedicated to the world of P.O.S., exhibition furniture and shop fitting - organized in collaboration with Display Italia - that showcases the best store display solutions for P.O.P., made by manufacturers of materials and displays, design studios, creative agencies and client companies of the brand industry.

A jury, made up of trade marketing experts and retail managers, will compare the participants and award the emerging specialists in each of the following categories:
- Durable display solutions
- Non durable display solutions
- Digital signage devices
- Packaging
- Retail design

- Shop fitting
- Shelf design
- New projects

In collaboration with COMIECO (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of cellulosic-based packaging) the jury will award two special exhibit solutions standing out for sustainable design and environmental impact.

During the three days of the show, the works in competition in the special event area will displayed to over 20,000 visual communication professionals and marketing managers in the world of brand and retail industry.

      The winners of DIVA - Display Italia Viscom Award 2018

For info please contact:
Marco Oltrona Visconti
+39 340 3142015 - marco@tinteunite.it

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