Paper is a material that stimulates our artistic spirit, inspiring artists and designers who, thanks to its versatility, are able to convert their ideas and emotions into graphic works.

Viscom Italia presents the exhibit "Creativity à la Carte" that brings together the main paper manufacturers and distributors with the creative flair of internationally renowned designers, illustrators, graphic designers and artists.

An exhibition that, during the three days of the show, will explore the boundaries of visual communication, from shapes to colors, from textures to sustainable features, where artists and designers will realize live creations and products directly on paper presenting the countless business opportunities that the paper supply chain offers to graphic designers, advertising agencies, marketing managers of manufacturing industry and large distribution.

The exhibit intends to be a space for creation, a moment of knowledge and insight to touch and discover the different possibilities that graphics and paper can tell.

Designer coordinator: Francesco Dondina, visual designer, professor, curator

Gold Sponsor 2022

Technical Sponsors 2022


Proactive and dynamic since more than 35 years, Commer Carta selects and cut into special size paperboards for packaging purposes, supporting brand owners and packaging producers in choosing the most suitable and sustainable material for luxury, pharma and food packaging: virgin fibre and recycled boards, also laminated with bio based or plastic films or treated with dispersion coatings for a further functional and aesthetic barrier to the most demanding packaging.


We create paper and adhesive media to serve various production processes: from textile packaging to publishing, from packaging to the graphic industry. Thanks to the Diatec Group's know-how and decades of experience, we are dynamically present in numerous markets internationally. We firmly believe in innovation and research-that's why we are able to respond effectively and promptly to the technical needs of every industry. Our goal is to create the perfect support that can improve the production process and the yield of the final product.

The product portfolio of our GraphicArts division is particularly comprehensive, ranging from the latest generation of wallpapers, photographic papers, art reproduction canvas and adhesive media.


Manualis cartiera, is located in in Fabriano and it is by far a peculiar and innovative company. Our ecological papers are already made with ecological principals and, on top of that, we sustained this concept with the REVIVE SERIES. This paper is made with recycled materials like denim, leather, cashmere and silk.


PERGRAPHICA®, la gamma di carte premium da design di Mondi è l’ideale per applicazioni di stampa di qualità. Sin da quando è stata lanciata, PERGRAPHICA® ha catturato le emozioni di brand owner, stampatori ed anche consumatori finali. Come carta per perfezionisti, PERGRAPHICA® soddisfa le esigenze dei clienti, offrendo tranquillità in tutti i sensi. L’intera gamma delle carte design bianche e colorate è CO2 neutral, soddisfa i severi standard internazionali stabiliti da FSC™ e EU Ecolabel ed è Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze. Questa carta esclusiva è prodotta nella cartiera di Mondi Neusiedler in Austria.


Pièl Luxury Foils is an Italian brand that produces special decorative papers for visual display and retail design coverings, as well as for high-end packaging, print, wallpaper and labels. The eco-friendly approach, the flexibility of the material and the uniqueness of the visual and tactile effects are the distinctive marks of Pièl papers and they allow them to be the perfect choice to make all projects unique.

2022 Designers

Anita Giacomin

Visual Designer

Elena Marengoni


Emiliano Mattia

Illustratore e Graphic Designer

GIulia Lineette

Artista e Illustratrice

Martino Natuzzi

Graphic Designer