We have been informed of the submission to Viscom Italia exhibitors by FAIRGUIDE-CONSTRUCT DATA VERLAG, WORLD TRADE REGISTER'S, EXPO-GUIDE,  VISITORS LIST and INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY of forms that appear as a request for confirmation of data for free entry into an on-line guide.

The form is presented with the name of our show but it is NOT in any way associated with Reed Exhibitions or Viscom Italia!

Another form that may have been delivered to you is called "ENGLISH REGISTER ON THE INTERNET", where you are asked to verify your data for the above-mentioned registry, but also that has nothing to do with your registering or renewing your internet domain for Viscom Italia.

Moreover be aware that a company named Visitorlists can offer you contacts lists from our events. Their activity is again NOT in any way associated with Reed Exhibitions or Viscom Italia! Our visitors data are processed following our Policies and in full respect of current laws on privacy and data processing.

WARNING! These are real contracts! By subscribing to them, you are committed to paying a fee. Read carefully the notes written at the foot of the form to be filled in, where the required amounts appear.

For your information, the Competition and Market Authority (www.agcm.it) with the Order No. 10802 (PI3489E) PUBLICATION FAIR GUIDE of May 30, 2002 has already in the past mislead the forms submitted by the "Construct Data Verlag GmbH". If you have, by mistake, returned the signed form, we will inform you that it is possible to exercise the right to cancel within 10 DAYS.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure before submitting anything.