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Thursday 12nd October


At ATypl 2016 - the annual conference held in Warsaw last September - Microsoft, Google, Apple and Adobe announced the most significant technological innovation in typography of the past 20 years: OpenType 1.8. Although still at an early stage, this new technology promises to change radically the way we draw and use a font for print and digital projects, introducing among others, the concept of font variations. The possibility of saving dozens of style variations (weight, posture, vertical or horizontal extension, etc.) within a single digital font for new kinds of responsive typography that can adapt to best present dynamic content to a reader’s device, screen orientation, or even reading distance.

Speaker: Stefano Torregrossa, Onice Design



Markets are becoming increasingly demanding and consumers are increasingly attentive but at the same time lazy and methodical. In the age of complexity, we need new multidisciplinary approaches, relevant content, simplicity in order to attract customers’ attention and build a powerful emotional connection with them. The Customer Experience is the focal point that represents the sum of all the experiences emotions and memories a customer has with a Brand across lifecycle stages. A customer first becomes aware of your product, and of the need that he wants to fulfil. Next, he finds the best product and service, he is attracted to them and finally, he develops a high level of expectation with regard to what brands are offering, interacting with them through various touch-points and multiple channels.

Speaker: Marco Zanardi, Realtà Group



The world of visual communication seems to have forgotten the specific expressive language that can convey institutional, commercial and social messages effectively. The two key elements to successfully motivate customers are reason and emotion with the aim of creating immersive experiences that engage customers using creativity as well as inform them by delivering concrete messages.

Speaker: Maurizio Milani, Maurizio Milani Graphic Design



The scope of the meeting is to reflect deeply on what and how the third-millennium cities now communicate and in which globalisation has levelled living standards across five continents. What are the new parameters that may capture audiences’ interest about their territory? Over the last few year, many European and Italian cities have been the object of great social and economic transformations.
In the last century, these cities have undergone an epochal change in urban activity that has sometimes coincided with the creation, and other times with the rediscovery of an identity slumbered by the coming of consumer society. New citizens, from other parts of the world, flooded in those cities highly characterized by local culture. In this day and age, multiculturalism is present in all European countries, not only in London, Paris, Munich but also in Italy, such as in Milan and Turin, both genuine creative hubs playing an active role in the search for communication tools and approaches for their new identity.

Introduce: Marcella Gabbiani, ALA Assoarchitetti
Chair: Fortunato D’Amico, architect
Speakers: Enrico Carlesi, director and photographer; Elia Festa, artist

The seminar is patronized by the Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Milano.

Sessions will be held in Italian only