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Saturday 14th October


Something adds value to every print product and service. They call it the “experience economy”. Consumers are willing to spend more on experiences and less on products. How can you add value to your customer experiences in digital printing? In this seminar, you will discover techniques and inspiring stories to grow your business making it more efficient.

Speaker: Giovanni Re, Roland DG Mid Europe



From music to automotive, a large audience is getting a new earworm. It is a fast-growing trend that every year pushes the boundaries of innovation to create better-performing supports with a range of chrome, decorative applications and even crazy pattern. This business attracts not only vinyl wrap manufacturers and wrappers but also end consumers and an increasing number of companies that have decided to devote their skills to automotive rather than communication. Knowing about materials and trends is the first step to enter the world of car wrapping.

Speaker: Fulvio Rohrer, 3M Italia; Paola Silva Coronel, Politecnico di Milano



T-shirts represent a whole new way of communicating today. T-shirts for starting a clothing line, conveying messages and showing off. Street wear and community are key to the success of graphic, style and logo printed on tees. Participants will hear from inspirational success stories and learn about customization technologies.

Relatore: Fabrizio Selis, Market Screentypographic

Sessions will be held in Italian only