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Friday 13rd October


Nowadays, is no longer enough to say “Social network” to spread communications, increase business opportunities and expand your network of contacts and potential new customers. During this lively, stimulating, irreverent seminar you will be shown tricks that actually work, you will learn how to develop a concrete strategy providing high visibility and how businesses can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Speakers: Dario Morelli, HP Italy; Luca Pianigiani, Jumper.it



The Retail Observa ® by Kiki Lab is an observatory meant to be a source of information and world analysis throwing light on the various emerging trends and the most interesting cases. Key trends for 2017 - Interactions; Smart Shopping; Responsibility; Brand Intensity.

Speaker: Fabrizio Valente, Kiki Lab - Ebeltoft Italy



Digital technology, communication race, and insufficient technical skills have put the creative packaging world in crisis. You do not think enough to devote yourself with originality to a project and understand its positioning in a market. Jumping from Pinterest to Behance, creative “inspiration” sometimes takes a turn for the worse that often ends up by becoming a shortcut to deliver pre-packaged projects. Using a visual-tactile case study, we try to motivate creative minds and sector players about “things you have never seen before” in Packaging printing.  Audiences will get a sneak preview to a video of the packaging project: “Il Paesaggio dentro” (the Landscape inside) by Livio Felluga in collaboration with Luxoro, and with a special appearance by Gianni Azzaretti.

Speaker: Mario Di Paolo, Spazio Di Paolo



The city as a new lifestyle destination. Digital printing being blown across the fashion landscape that communicates throughout individualism, aversion to a society that cannot change. Fashion as a guide to finding new ways of producing and distributing your own product idea in every commodity sector.

Speaker: Fulvio Alvisi, designer

Sessions will be held in Italian only