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Viscom Talks

Viscom Talks

An ideal training environment for all communication professionals to tell the evolution of modern scenarios, upcoming trends in the visual communication market.

Creative leaders, trendsetters, innovators, managers from diverse disciplines will tread the stage telling stories about their business, and sharing with an attentive audience their secrets of success and working methods that have helped them to improve their performance and achieve their personal best in the media and communications industries.

The programme

Thursday 18 October

Hours 11.00 am-12.00 pm

Aim for success with successful episodes. How to build client relationships through the use of communication strategies for television series.

To get closer to customers, retain and engage them, what can we take from the increasingly widespread phenomenon of “TV series”? This Viscom Talk will provide some insight encouraging the audience to reflect and develop an effective internal communication strategy, based on storytelling and a persuasive narrative able to create engagement and actual results (even measurable) with an eye to the business models of “serialised” TV-show content.

Speaker: Luca Pianigiani, Jumper.it


Hours 12.15 pm-1.15 pm


Goran's diet. The tricks and creative thinking of a designer.

The conversation with the curator Marco Sammicheli will analyse the main phases of the career of the graphic designer Marco Goran Romano indicating the meaningful contributions that nourish his creative streak between literature, music, publishing and technology. An opportunity to share details of your approach with customers respecting their needs, protecting authors’ rights, constantly on the lookout for inspiration and transformation.

Speakers: Marco Sammicheli, MOSTRO; Marco Goran Romano, designer


Hours 2.00 pm-4.00 pm - Seminars are worth 2 credits rewarded by CNAPPC.

The visible effectiveness of invisible communication.

At Viscom 2018, ALA Assoarchitetti will feature a two-session seminar held by two experts in the field of communication that will provide new and intriguing perspectives on communication. If thousands of information of all kinds invest people today, how is it possible to create a unique and useful model of communication, crucial for activating alternative "channels" that can generate positive, engaging emotions and strong interest?

Care of: ALA Assoarchitetti
Introduce: Marcella Gabbiani, ALA Assoarchitetti


The levels of communication; which ones are invisible, compelling, captivating?

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, through the Little Prince, says “ The essential is invisible to the eye”.  How can this statement be read, in the world of communication? What is still to be discovered of invisible, engaging and essential in visual communication? The seminar will highlight new possible levels of communication capable of providing positive feelings among people, more profound than emotions usually generated through the five senses.

Speaker: Caterina Locati, Infinity Building Project


The pleasure of communicating; what are the factors that create an engaging message?

Communication is the result of a well-structured process, a mosaic made of lots of tiles. The quality of communication depends on technical factors (tangible, measurable) but also and above all on the taste, the vision of the communicator and the context in which the message is sent (intangible factors that cannot be easily measured). What are the essential elements that create the taste of communicating? The scope of the seminar is to provide food for thought and ideas to boost your satisfaction levels and personal effectiveness in communicating.

Speaker: Eusebio Gualino, Gessi Spa


Friday 19 October

Hours 11.00 am-12.00 pm

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Paper, the web, social network, and digital publishing are the tools you cannot do without.

A company has many ways of engaging its target audience and entertaining it with content. The session will feature case studies and interactive presentations, eBooks and editorial apps, as an alternative to the traditional PDF, to enhance a product and communicate your brand identity.

Speaker: Michela Di Stefano, AdobeGuru


Hours 12.15 pm-1.15 pm

To Be... not to print! When strategic positioning and brand identity can make the difference in business.

Too often small and medium-sized Italian businesses focus on creating the highest quality products and lose sight of all the rest with the risk of always having to haggle over the price. How to break out of this perverse logic? Working on its values and business objectives, differentiating yourself from the competition, finding new markets and building customer loyalty. To do this, you need a precise branding and positioning strategy. However, do not worry; you do not have to rely on expensive consultants: inquire, find positive examples, and start thinking laterally.

Speaker: Paola Mortara, Fenix Digital Group


Hours 2.00 pm-3.00 pm

Retail total look: the customer at the heart of the project. Beyond visual communication: a case history of evolution between technology, creativity, art and innovation.

The winning story of a print business, combining experience, creativity and insight consultancy to offer clients “total look” projects aimed at the world of digital retail made of printing, lighting, fitting, logistics and warehouse management. Our core added-value services consist of providing a full turnkey service for the retail sector that enables us to beat the competition and avert a price war.

Speaker: Mauro Oliva, Alpac


Hours 3.15 pm-4.15 pm

The graphic design to not get lost. Sign and wayfinding projects.

The role of lettering, symbols, colours, typesetting, materials, in large wayfinding and signage projects, in which the qualitative levels of legibility, order and organisation intervene mutually to facilitate the flow of people creating at the same image.

Speaker: Maurizio Milani, graphic designer


Saturday 20 October

Hours 11.00 am-12.00 pm


The battle for attention in an age of distraction. Drawing out touchpoints to reach your customers.

In a context dominated by multiple screens, advertising provocations and several distractions during the day, customers dedicate less than three minutes to our messages. At the same time, the customer journey across all touchpoints is more and more multichannel and fragmented. However, how to be relevant and wow your customers at every touchpoint? During the session through an interactive game with the participants, operational guidelines will be shared to recruit customers across the touchpoints with a greater focus on B2B clients, to wow them using all physical and digital tools available.

Speakers: Andrea Boaretto, PersonaLive; Giovanni Re, Roland DG Mid Europe


Hours 12.15 pm-1.15 pm

Be Visual! The physical shopping experience increases the chances of success on the web.

Should prices be displayed? How can I dress up my online and offline display? The seminar aims to highlight the best practices for effective store communication while reaching the highest number of target customers to avoid the most common mistakes.

Speaker: Fabrizio Selis, Market Screentypographic


Hours 2.00 pm-3.00 pm


The art of neon applied to the visual and architectural communication. Innovation and evolution in the cities street signs: how the neon will affect the cities and architecture of our tomorrow.

From tradition to the evolution of one of the most significant and environmentally friendly lightening source, that has made the consumer city big and continuously expanding. An excursus on how to use neon in visual communication, art, design and architecture, without neglecting the technical and technological innovations that international laws and future market demand, and that the most visionary companies can fulfil.

Speakers: Alfio Bonaventura, Aifil; Marisa Graziati, F/ART; Giulia Caffaro, Design and arts specialist; Elisa Pascotto, architetto, docente


Sessions will be held in Italian only.



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